How to soap wash your hand

Made this picture and hanged inside my building lift for people to see, read and follow. 

Its a weird and different world, times we are living in, I feel unsafe, future is uncertain, but we can contribute to survive. 

Keep it simple to stay away or keep safe from Corona Virus

  • Wash them whenever you touch dirty surface, things in public place(Where you dont know if its clean or dirty), door hands, door knobs, toilet flush, door bells, light or fan buttons, cell phones of others
  • Wash hands with soap if in city
  • Wash hands with raakh if in village
  • Wash them slowly for 20seconds min
  • If traveling or outside, where you cant wash hands, then carry hand travel sanitizer with you, and sanitize your hands immediately
  • Dont touch your eyes, nose, ears, when hands dirty
  • People says, dont use mask, i suggest use masks always when outside or in public place and its crowded, its better safe then sorry later.

Few such hygiene practices can keep you stay safe and away from not only Corona but any types of infections or viruses.

Please see, and write comment below in the comment box to encourage, suggest and improve.