Lohagarh Fort - Made from Cardboard and Flour Glue

Heard lot about Lohagarh Fort (Iron Fort) in Bharatput, where my father spent his early childhood. My father told me so many stories about Bharatput and each story had Lohagarh in it.

How i made it ?
Ingredients: Pencil, Card board (old boxes which i bought from supermarket box bin for people to collect), Scissor, Ice Cream sticks, Water, Color and Cotton and rassi(thread)

Quick simple steps:
  1. First draw your imagination with pencil on paper before you decide to cut cardboard.
  2. Later cut cardboard in the shape of your design
  3. Stick design on a flat cardboard with glue (Aata (flour), and water, mix it , glue is ready, aka Lehi), leave it overnight to dry
  4. Fill gaps with cotton and spill some lehi in it to stick together
  5. Use rassi (thread) for the door (old forts had main door of forts like that)
  6. Brown color on the flat cardboard to resemble sand
  7. Black color on the walls of the Fort to resemble Iron walls of the fort
  8. Top block is yellow to bring out pride of India 
  9. Have your India flag ready (pride)
Fort is ready :)
About Lohagarh fort from Wiki: 
  • It was constructed by Bharatpur jat rulers. Maharaja Suraj Mal and it is one of the strongest ever built in Indian history.
  • The inaccessible Lohagarh fort could withstand repeated attacks of British forces led by Lord Lake in 1805 for six weeks but in spite of so many attacks he couldn’t annex it.
  • Jawahar Burj and the Fateh Burj were built to celebrate the victory over Mughals and British
  • The fort is surrounded by deep moats. There is a legend which states that the fort will fall down if a crocodile takes up all the water of the moat.

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