Since I started watching television, specially cartoons, action comics, I was fascinated with the cartoon and comics action figures. Out of all the action figures like (from Hollywood - Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, He-Man and from Bollywood - Shaktiman, Nagraj, Mahabali Shakha etc), I loved "Batman" the most. 

My affection towards Batman started when I watched his movie Batman begin, I was fascinated with the costume of Batman, and most attractive was his facial look in the costume. Sharp edge, crisp look, catchy mask and the color. 

Due to above, I found myself indulge in the character of Batman, and whenever I am sitting idle, drawing any image, graphics specially action figure, my finger and the pencil start to sketch "Mr.Batman" first.

This image of Batman gives a look towards the bad and tells it, that careful, I am watching you from the bat eye... 

& my life of Batman begin with this sketch..... 

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